Here are just some of the press cuttings for Young Picasso, in selected cinemas from Tuesday 5th February. Book now!


“Fascinating and refreshing documentary with such intellectual rigour. On the huge canvas of a cinema screen, this is an unforgettable experience”
The Daily Express

“Engrossing detail and elegance, charged with charm and finesse”
The Guardian

“An illuminating documentary for the art-curious and a legacy film for Picasso enthusiasts”
Film News

“Inspiring. Grabsky keeps coaxing us into refining the way we look at art and the world around us”
The Oxford Times

“Compelling, enlightening and informative”
Mature Times

“A treat to get an artsy fix at the cinema. This is definitely on our cultural hit-list”
Scottish Woman

“The passion with which the interviewees speak of the important times and influences in his life is bound to pique the viewers’ interest”
VultureHound Magazine

Afghan Appeal Fund – Running for Teachers

Afgan football girls

Girls playing football in Afghanistan


“Thank you for visiting my page. We raised just about enough after my last marathon to fund the first two teachers through teacher-training college in northern Afghanistan. They will soon be returning to their village (the village of my films’ main character Mir) to help give girls a better chance in a tough, so tough, life. But we don’t want just to fund two women and then forget about it. We are committed to two a year. Your help would mean a lot to us. Keep an eye on my blog at seventh-art.com for occasional news about this project. Thanks again!” – Phil

Since writing that blog, I can now bring you more news from the village. Both women, Nikbakh and Zahra, have been back from Mazar and in their holidays have begun teaching. Equally good news is that the school has built a new additional block just for girls – giving them more space and facilities. The village as a whole is delighted to have better education for its young girls which is one small demonstration that Afghan culture is not universally anti-women’s schooling. For my part, I had to pull out of the 2015 Brighton marathon as I hurt my Achilles tendon but am now in training already for the 2016 marathon. We continue to fund the teacher training – and would like to do more – so please, any donation helps, to Justgiving/philgrabsky

Great Artists audiobook now available on Audible!

Great Artists part 2 audio cover LR

Great Artists is now available to buy on Audible as an audiobook. Follow the links below to listen:

Great Artists – Part 1

Great Artists – Part 2

A perfect introduction for anyone interested in the rich history of Western Art. Great Artists takes its listeners on a comprehensive journey through the history of art. This book, part one, provides a dedicated chapter on each of the following artists: Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Dürer, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, and Bruegel. These major painters of Western art are considered, placed in their social context, and discussed in terms of the most recent scholarship.

The book explores how and why these painters were significant in changing how the world was seen and represented. Intelligent and accessible, this book ties in with the DVD series from the authors, an ideal work for would-be connoisseurs seeking a pathway into the lives of the great painters.

Matisse Live – 3 June 2014

Seventh Art Productions will be working with Tate to bring Tate Modern’s exhibition of the year – Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs – live to cinemas on 3 June 2014!  Whether you’ve already visited the Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibition or would like to learn more about the artist, Matisse Live is the perfect opportunity to discover his final artistic triumph in fabulous HD detail on the big screen. Find out more about this exciting film and where to book tickets:


The exhibition opened on 17 April and received rave reviews:

…This show should not be missed. It has never before been matched.
This is a feast of dazzling dreams: come to the carnival.”
***** Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times

What a joyous and fascinating exhibition this is… How rich all this is, how marvellous, how alive.
***** Adrian Searle, The Guardian

I guarantee that this exhibition of the colour-saturated works Henri Matisse made by cutting out shapes from pre-painted sheets of paper during the last 17 years of his life will be among the most popular ever staged in this country… Outstanding.
***** Richard Dorment, Telegraph

Henri Matisse’s eye popping colour cut-outs are brought together for a blockbuster show at Tate Modern

The Sunday Times

A sense of joyous celebration almost unmatched in the history of art. Unmissable
The Spectator