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Great Artists audiobook now available on Audible!

Great Artists part 2 audio cover LR

Great Artists is now available to buy on Audible as an audiobook. Follow the links below to listen:

Great Artists – Part 1

Great Artists – Part 2

A perfect introduction for anyone interested in the rich history of Western Art. Great Artists takes its listeners on a comprehensive journey through the history of art. This book, part one, provides a dedicated chapter on each of the following artists: Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Dürer, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, and Bruegel. These major painters of Western art are considered, placed in their social context, and discussed in terms of the most recent scholarship.

The book explores how and why these painters were significant in changing how the world was seen and represented. Intelligent and accessible, this book ties in with the DVD series from the authors, an ideal work for would-be connoisseurs seeking a pathway into the lives of the great painters.

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